Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sometimes in life there are things that you just can't give up, things that you miss doing, things that you know you really wanted to do but realize that there are factors to be considered.

I've been a blogger since like forever but stopped being one. I came to the point that I really miss blogging, like you know, taking outfit shots, putting a lot of effort to strike a pose in front of everybody you don't know, editing pictures to the way I like and posting. I have changed my blog name "Little Ms. Trendsetter" to "Fashion Escapade" and now since I really really want to pursue of a blogger I decided to come up for another blog name which is "Style Mixer with Alyssa D." (yes, and I'm sticking into it from now!)

 I can't assure that I can post everyday like what bloggers do but I'll try my very best to put atleast 1 to 2 post per week. Okay, so hope you guys still support me with my new blog name and cheers guys!

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