Saturday, November 10, 2012


I'm a huge fan of denim clothes especially denim jackets and vests though I don't have either of them. I've been wanting to have a pair since like forever but can't find the perfect pair then I was raiding my mom's closet and I found this perfect denim jacket that fits me well (definitely steal it! hahaha) 

I also saw this tee-shirt from my closet and I adore the print on it. I believe that "BUTCH" is the name of the cute dog up there (with a bow-tie)
 Just imagine this look without all the accessories, it will just look simple and plain. So, to spice up the outfit I added a hints of neon accessories.
 This would be totally a first with something denim on it so I hope that I pulled it off. I'm trying to experiment on different style. "Try to experiment because you'll never know how it will turn out unless you try" As the other famous blogger said: "Don't be afraid to get out from your comfort zone"

Denim Jacket: From mom's closet | Top: American Apparel | Leggings: Random
Shoes: Borrowed from cousin | Bracelets: Divisoria

What do you guys think of my look?
Comments are love!


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  1. You are so cute! and i'm a big fan of arm stacking too!