Sunday, August 18, 2013


 Wore this for the second time since I didn't have the chance to take outfit posts but anyways, I'm pretty sure some bloggers do repeat clothes too. #excuse
Paired my ombre-ania shorts with my all time favorite Jack Daniels Muscle Tee (wait, I think all people love JD Tee right. Ohwell too mainstream but don't care *flips hair haha)
  For the accessories, just added a colorful bracelet with a studded one and a watch to make the look more interesting and balance. Top: Push_Thru | Shorts: VanillaBreezeClothing | Shoes: StyleMixerPH
Bracelets: Crave More, Divisoria | Watch: Tomato

On the other hand, I badly need to learn how to use Photoshop since I suck at editing *sigh. Well maybe Photoshop is not my thing but I'm willing to learn it no matter what for the sake of my good-ol blog!

Anyways, happy to be back on track (deserve to have a pat on the back *grins) I'll be posting every Sunday and Thursday (hopefully) but yeah let's just see how things go. I'll talk to you guys on my next post xx.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Just want to make a quick announcement on what I've been doing lately. So, I together with my 4 gorgeous friends collaborated in one blog (*random dancing, woot woot!). Excited is an understatement on what I'm feeling right now. Like I'm freakin' right now (Just repeat  the phrase, I know I know). This is my first time doing a collab blog and I'm really happy that I've got to meet this four ladies which I think is amaze-balls (okay, just have to say that!) since we have the same interest *wink
Here's a photo of the masterminds behind the Triple Trouble. (Tiara, Marian, Betina, Gail and yours truly)

So if you want to know more about our blog, the masterminds, our shops, all about fashion, DIYs, beauty tips, girl stuffs, tutorials and such be sure to check out our blog and yeah that's basically it (thumbs up for us). Hope you guys support us from our journey.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Studded Beanies or Statement Beanies are everywhere. I usually don't wear these but sometimes you have to try something out of your comfort zone. These beanies give you the androgyne-esque vibe which I think is something I slowly embrace. So for today, I'm going to teach you on how to make your own studded beanie (I'm into DIY too okay?) First, choose your own design. You can do whatever floats your boat as long as you have enough studs to put. But in my opinion don't overdo it since it will not look the way you wanted it (just sayin')Second, get your studs with prong (I dunno if that's what you call it but it's the one with the claw in the back). Any type or size will do, as long as you're happy with it or whatever just choose what you think is the best for your beanie.
Third, you might wanna get out your little tweezers (You must be wondering why the heck this project need a tweezers) Anyway, remember what I told you that your studs should have the claw thing at the back? There, you use it to secure the studs to prevent from falling in the beanie. All you need to do is fold the prongs using your tweezers (which I use for the nth time). Well it's up to you if you're gonna use your hands but trust me you'll be thanking me later (peace out!)
Just keep on folding your studs with prongs until you finish your desired design.

Here's a photo of other designs that I've made. It's available @StyleMixerPH (via IG) but it's currently sold out. So make sure to check out my shop for more items (oops! shameless plug)

Studs: Mkemporium (via IG)
Beanie: StyleMixerPH (via IG)

And yeah, that's basically it and hope you enjoy my first episode of DIY. Watch out for more soon.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Last week was a hell, well at least for me. So here how it goes. Sleepless nights, endless browsing of notes, layers of eye-bag has shown (Okay, realize I'm exaggerating things but you know what I mean right?) I'm just to pissed of how school works. Not complaining though but sometimes it's just getting on my nerves on how many school stuffs has to be done. You can't blame me, as much as I love going to school, I hate doing a lot (LITERALLY!) of school related works especially when all the professors just throw all the activities in one day! Anyways, I know that everything happens for a reason. 
Let's just move on to my outfit which I wore like "who knows when". Went with something comfy yet still stylish for me to blog about. The pictures says it all so I'm not gonna rant with all the stuffs like "this top is super weight" "the shorts are absolutely adorable with all the stripes and stuffs" oh and "you can't forget the super comfy shoes" and blah blah (HAHAHA) Top: BY Top Girl | Shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Greenhills | Watch: Swatch

I don't know want came up to me that I keep doing the "Peace Sign Pose" which I think is a lot cooler that doing some serious pose.

To end this post, I just want to say that I'm beyond happy that my blog has reach a 10K plus views and I know it's not as many like other bloggers but Hey! I have a low happiness HAHAHA! Thank you guys who ever read my random rants her on my blog!