Sunday, December 01, 2013


Top: Thrifted | Shorts: NEXT Jeans | Snapback: Forever21
Shoes: Converse | Socks: Forever21

Remind me not to shoot again during noon because hell it was freakin' hot! Literally sweatin' the entire shoot. Not good, not good. Introducing my beat-up pink converse which stayed up in my room for like forever, can't believe I almost forgot I have one. Diggin' for another pair thou, maybe a black or white chucks would do.

Can't believe it's already December,  might as well say #DecemberPleaseBeGood LOL.


Sunday, November 24, 2013


 Dress: Divisoria | Cover-up: Thrifted | Shoes: Parisian

The famous LBD comes in different forms and can be worn in different ways. Wore these cute LBD that defines my waist in the first death anniversary of my lola (i know, heartbreaking!). Lucky enough thou to have a place to shoot near our house. Drag my cousin to help me and funny thing is all my niece, nephews and non-niece were literally all over the place which is kinda embarrassing but reminded myself that they're just child that wonders the world (wait, wth am I sayin').

Currently watching the PacquiaocvsRios fight thou already know what would be the result #Spoilersfromtwitter lol (di kasi live sa amin hehe). But anyways, congrats PACMAN! #PinoyPride.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


 Top: ChicAbooti | Shorts: Push_Thru | Cover-up: Thrifted 
Shoes: Vans | Cap: Forever21

Warning, lots of standing-pose-awkwardly going on!

I always look forward for the semestral break every October and since my life is pretty much "eat-sleep-eat-sleep (repeat cycle)" all day, decided to do something productive. Grab tripod, remote (which is peeking the entire photos! oops, my bad!) and grab my niece too (isn't she the cutest!!!) and yeah, I'm ready to shoot thou it takes a lot of patience since doing it yourself is way more harder than having someone to take your pictures and the fact that my dslr don't have a twisted viewfinder.

Been tryin' to stay away from black but realized that all the clothing that I've got was all freakin' black. It seems that these color is my other half (well atleast for now--I still love it thou!). Snapbacks just instantly capture my heart ad my eyes so hunting for a pair of floral snapback but can't find one so ended up buying these adorable hat since it's probably love at first sight! A pop of color would make an outfit more interesting when everything is black or white tenenentententen (*insert Michael Jackson song here).


Sunday, November 10, 2013


Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Bubbles | Plaid Shirt: Borrowed from brother | Shoes: HDY 

Still have a hangover from our Hongkong trip that's why I'm sharing you guys my last set of outfit photos. Currently obsessed with anything plaid and skater skirts.. wishing that I own every color of it, that would be something eh? Maybe I'd call myself Skater Girl except that I don't have a board (but hopin' to have!) Forgive me for overusing these boots but can't help it, it's just so comfortable that I'll probably wear it even in sleep. On the other and, trying to limit my words here since I'm getting bored with the usual description.

P.S. Prayin' for all the people who were affected by the supertyphoon "Yolanda". Trust God and everything will be fine!


Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I finally can wear something that involves tights and boots since wearing these kind of stuffs here will probably earn a stinky eye, not that I care but maybe it's because there are only two seasons here in the Philippines or maybe they are just not used to see people all dress-up with this clothing.

Oh well, that's the reason why I decided to give these look a shot (which I'm hoping to wear for the longest time) on our trip to Hongkong. And I can say that it's not that bad. right? 
I didn't fully go on the edgy look so what I did is to balance it with a neutral floral skirt which I thrifted way back and it looks the way I like it to be.
 These combat boots are made for walking! I've been searching for the perfect pair like forever and finally I got these babies for a reasonable price and yeah don't want to rant more since I'll probably look like a girl eating her first cotton candy (yep, that excited!)

Top: SM Dept. Store | Vest: Divisoria | Skirt: Thrifted | Boots: HDY (available @StyleMixerPH)

I'm currently on my semestral break and sadly, it has come to end (which means, back to school and do some hell stuff). But anyways, I'll see you guys on my next post!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Nobody wants plain-Jane shorts anymore. In the generation of neon prints, and all things that glimmer, too many pairs of plain, boring shorts piled up in your closet could look very unappealing;

I know I just wrote a blog post about DIY which features prongs and stuff but hey atleast you'll be able to come up with a lot of ideas on how you'll use your untouched studs. 

So before I continue with my OOTDs and all that jazz in Hongkong, I'm gonna teach you on how to spice up your shorts. Trust me, you'll love this! So much with the introduction, let's jump onto it and get started!
Materials Needed:
Shorts (any color, size, or cut will do)
Studs with prongs
Tweezers   First: Create the stud-formation you'd like to have on your shorts, and decide where you want to put it. 
* For my shorts, I decided to go with the popular cross formation on the pockets, to add some edgy feel to my dainty-printed pair. 

Second: Lay out the formation on your pair of shorts and get ready for work!

Third: Once you're pleased with the layout, take your tweezers, and use it to push the prongs through the shorts to hold it in place. Be sure to flatten them -- don't want to end up with a sore butt! Hehe.

Fourth: Repeat the third step until you're done.
Yeah, that's pretty simple but atleast no more boring shorts right? Hope you guys find this tutorial heplful and talk to you guys on my nest post xx

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'm beyond ecstatic when my parentals (just have to say that, cooler than parents thou) dropped the bomb which is we're going for a trip abroad. Why if you ask? Well it's literally my first time going out of the country so you can just imagine how giddy giddy girl I am especially that we're going to Hongkong, you know Disneyland, happiest place on the universe (like hello? who on Earth will not be excited when you heard that theme park!) Just sayin' thou.
Anyways, on to my airport outfit. All you need is two words from me: Comfort and Style. That's basically what I did since I don't want to be overdress nor underdress. When we got there, I can tell that it's Autumn in there (psh, courtesy of hahaha). So what I did is paired my maroon skinny jeans with a white muscle tee layered it with a denim vest then finished it with my black beanie. I like to call it my "nothing-to-impressive-but still stylish" look. 
 Top: Push_Thru | Vest: Divisoria | Jeans: Borrowed from mom 
Shoes: Juice (SM Dept. Store) | Watch: Casio | Beanie: StyleMixerPH

Watch out for my photodiary in Hongkong plus my OOTDs there.