Sunday, January 12, 2014


Top: SM GTW | Shorts: Push_Thru | Plaid Shirt: From brother
Shoes: StyleMixerPH | Bag: Thrifted | Cap: Forever21

Forgive my a month of absence, I got so hype during the holiday to completely abandoned this blog for awhile. Last year was a total blur and can't get over that it's already 2014. New year, new resolutions, new opportunities and all that stuff. Already wrote down my resolutions and so far so good. Another thing that I'm excited for this year is the #KalsadaPH, a project of Bjorn Bedayo which is an upcoming website and book that celebrates Philippine street style at its finest. And guess who's part of  it? (drum roll please........) MEEEEEE! (*insert upbeat music here)

I'm not the only one who would probably say this but hopin' that these would be my year! CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN' 2014! May the odds be in our favor. Adios

P.S. Workin' on my new segments here and thinkin' to change my blog name AGAIN! still undecided but let's see.

ALY xx

Sunday, December 01, 2013


Top: Thrifted | Shorts: NEXT Jeans | Snapback: Forever21
Shoes: Converse | Socks: Forever21

Remind me not to shoot again during noon because hell it was freakin' hot! Literally sweatin' the entire shoot. Not good, not good. Introducing my beat-up pink converse which stayed up in my room for like forever, can't believe I almost forgot I have one. Diggin' for another pair thou, maybe a black or white chucks would do.

Can't believe it's already December,  might as well say #DecemberPleaseBeGood LOL.