Thursday, July 18, 2013


 I have a feeling that I'd be wearing these often in the near future (Now I have visions like Raven). Definitely gonna overuse this high-waist distress shorts!

 Top: Trendstringmla | Shorts: Push_Thru [Available @StyleMixerPH] |
Shoes: StyleMixerPH| Watch: Swatch

Such a shame to not post for almost what? FOREVER. Okay, blame school! T'was such a hell week for me and unfortunalely, will continue until maybe Thursday next week (insert pissed face here). But on the bright side (*grins), leaving you guys something to read which is an outfit post that I wore like days ago and basically scream "Better if it's black or white" (Wait! some of the photos turned out differently from it's actual color like my top. It's black everyone. Black not some effin' blue-ish!) Well who cares right? Wait! Whuttttt! Of course I care!! Anyways, dunno where my thoughts are going so see you guys on my next post! Hugs and Kisses xxx