Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hola guys! Here's a new series here in my blog which I called "Style Stealer feat. (insert name here)". I know it's not new to you my dear readers but decided to just do this one for the sake of my happiness (would that be okay?)

So basically, what I'm going to do is google some pictures of international or local celebrities or maybe some bloggers with their fashion style or street style then try to recreate their look as close as possible and as cheaper as possible.

For today's episode, I chose to steal Jessica Alba's which is an easy breezy summer-ish look. She just wore white, high-waisted ruffle skirt, a striped blue button-down shirt tied up, blue flats, and a straw fedora hat.

If you can see I also wore a blue button down shirt and opted to pair it with a white skater skirt instead of pairing it with ruffle skirt which I think is a very good alternative (As I've said, I'm not copying the exact style but I'm recreating it with the pieces that I have)

Instead of a pair of blue flats, I just wore a pair of boat shoes from Sperry TopSider which is extremely comfortable and very stylish at the same time.

Top: A gift from friend | Skirt: Bubbles | Shoes: Sperry TopSider
Bag: SM Dept. Store | Sunnies: Welmanson

Before this post ends, I would like to apologize for some crappy pictures and it's all because of the weather people! So I just edit it and looks like it didn't come out well (my bad!) Ohwell, comment down below who you want me to steal her style for the next episode!

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