Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Finals is nearly coming and I'm super duper excited for Sembreak. I can't believe it's been 6 months since I move here in Manila. Time flies so fast *sigh but other than that expect for more post to come after our finals. Anyways, here's what I wore when we shoot again at my friend's crib at QC (but this time another subject)
Since the weather is bipolar that day, I opt to wear something that will make me warm and at the same time that will not make me sweat also. Plaid shirt is one of the staple pieces that every girl should have in their wardrobe.
Can someone teach me on how to do the blogger look, you know, no smiles just SMIZE (if you now what I mean) I'm sick of my smiley face hahahahaha!

I super love this floral sling bag, too bad it's not mine :( It's my friend's bag haha! Perfect for my outfit!

High-waisted shorts is also an essential piece for me because it's gives me the illusion to be more taller. There's a story behind this shorts. I and my friend went on a thrifting after class then we bumped one of our classmates wayback when we're highschool. I was looking for a shorts then she gave this shorts because it didn't fit her (Hi Hannako!) then I tried it on, VIOLA!! it fits perfectly! Visit her blog here.

Spot the bandage on my foot

Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted | Flats: S&H
Bag: Borrowed from a friend | Studded Bracelet: Crave More | Ring: DIY

What do you think of my look?
Comments are highly aprreciated :)

Thanks girl for taking my photos! love yah
Photos by: Joannah Urbino

Alyssa Daguro

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  1. Hey there cutie. Love your plaid top! <3

    xx Diana